at Cafe Services

There are many different reasons why consumers select a coffee shop. Sometimes it happens by accident. For example they are on their way to work and see a great advertisement for it. Or they simply drive buy it and decide they could use some coffee that particular time. What is important to understand though is that customers go back because they like what was offered. For that @ CAFÉ services will be variety, where beside hot drinks and soft food, all @ CAFÉ customers can get many services in real estate sectors like the following: Advertising: all @ CAFÉ visitors can display their own property or services, if they want to sell or rent it, through specialized screens within @ CAFÉ shop or banners within our websites to be shown to all @ CAFÉ visitors and interested customers who are looking for special property or real estate services like construction and contracting. Also all people who looking for new property or any real estate services can visit @ CAFÉ, where during they are taking hot drinks or snacks they can review all kind of services which are shown on specialized screen, our team can help the customers to complete their legal process concern the needed services. Consultancy: on @ CAFÉ tables will be specialized consultant in real estate sector who can provide all kind of consultants for all needed customers. Utilities: All @ CAFÉ customers can make use of the available meeting room to complete their discussions about any real estate services. Marketing: all @ CAFÉ customers beside display their services, they can get the needed support from contractors or even construction materials by getting specialized brochures & catalogs of their needs. All catalogs & brochures will be displayed in special shelves available for that purpose only under the supervision of @ CAFÉ team.