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@ clinic

diagnoses the real estate condition of the owner and obtains all information, which the pharmacy then prepares a report for the owner with the support of our specialists in case studies and marketing, to provide the best investment opportunities for the land. Which, in turn, will give the owner the option of proceeding with the Clinic's proposal and signing a Management agreement for his case, or to simply take the "Prescription" and go to @ Pharmacy to receive the catalogues and addresses of the contractors/consultants/manufacturers which fulfill the needs of the client.

@ pharmacy

is specialized magazine that include news of the most known workers in all business sectors especially real estate sector, this magazine in two part as printed and online version @.MAGAZINE published every 3 month

Our mission within @.MAGAZINE is to deliver the business men message to the right people especially workers in the same sectors, our purpose is to provide the active business men and leaders of the developing wheel by writing their experiences in life to our community and especially people who work in the same sectors.

Our Vision

Looking to collect all types of construction materials & equipment under one roof in the region. Also we are looking to be the first destination for all workers in construction sectors to provide their needs in best prices and most high quality products.

@ Real Estate Factory pledge to provide all types of construction materials & equipment in highest quality & sincerity. We are in @ Real Estate Factory working to build with our clients’ professional and personal relationship and save that relation to gain their trust and satisfaction. @ Real Estate Factory working to employee the best professional staff to Use their experiences in dealing with the valuable clients. We are in continuous development and searching for any new opportunity suitable for our works, clients and the market which we are dealing with

Our Mission

We are working to play central role and big effects in developing & improving the construction sectors to be an active company in this raise. we are supporting the contracting companies to be supporter for them by providing their needs from constructions materials & equipment under one roof.

Real Estate Development Factory in DIP

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It is the first of its kind on the world which is the type of showroom equipped with shelves on the walls in addition to many LED screens cover all the factory, in the factory we will display all types of brochures & catalogs in addition to some samples for construction materials suppliers & producers from all over the world.

@ Exhibition” is a specialized factory for construction materials which provide easy way of providing construction materials to all workers in construction sector from big companies (construction companies, consult companies, real estate developer, real estate managing companies, governmental institutes,,,,,, etc.) till small contractors and constructors.

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“@ Exhibition” factory includes construction material manufacturing companies from all over
the world.

“@ Exhibition” the biggest construction materials & equipment factory over the world, which contains the best construction materials companies according to global production standards (Like ICS, ISO & TUV) under one roof

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